Xero MD interview with Urban Ledgers

This article was published in the Xero blog on 17 August 2010 by Gary Turner (Xero UK Managing Director).  To view the video, either scroll down to the next blog post or click http://blog.xero.com/2010/08/online-is-the-key/.

Online is the key enabler

Last week – with my video camera in tow – I met up with Catherine Davis, managing director of London based firm Urban Ledgers who came on board as a Xero Partner earlier this year. Here’s what she had to say…

Through speaking with Catherine it was obvious that both her personal outlook on the profession and the culture and feel of Urban Ledgers as a firm are yet further examples of progressive, forward thinking that sees nothing but opportunity in the growing modernisation of accountancy, with smart use of new technologies to drive up client service and satisfaction while at the same time squeezing internal costs and inefficiency.

In my role at Xero I concede that I operate in something of an unreality bubble; clearly the majority of UK firms are not funky, progressive or online whereas all the Xero Partners I hang around seem to be. Naturally.

But what I got from talking with Catherine I regularly get from other Xero firms, and this can range from modest ambitions to gently modernise a dusty regional practice, through to big scale and global domination where ambitions are measured in the acquisition of thousands of new clients.

My experience and based upon countless conversations over the year since I joined Xero tells me that making this change work as a practice is not as simple as just introducing Xero – there’s TONS of other hard stuff – but the most consistent denominator they all share is that online is the key enabler.

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