Why SME’s are outsourcing their Accounts Function

It’s simple really.  In effect, your company will receive specialist expertise in return for a reduced cost base.  Let’s investigate further.

1. You’re partnering with experts

We have over 20 years experience in bookkeeping and accounting, which we like to think makes us experts.  It leaves you to stop fretting about your lack of internal expertise or going out to the market to recruit.

2. Your cost base reduces thanks to economies of scale

No longer do you have to worry about directly recruiting staff for your Accounts Function.  There are so many hidden costs of direct employment that, frankly, can leave you scratching your head when you see your P & L.  For example, consider annual leave, sick leave, employer’s NI payments, bonuses, benefits…and the list goes on.  Outsourcing takes away all of these costs and provides you with an expert service in its stead.

3. Leaves you to focus on your core business.

Self explanatory really.  Finally, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

4. Increased flexiblity

If your business suddenly grows quickly, or has regular troughs and peaks, your outsource provider can offer more flexibility that if you had an in-house team.

5. Best practice assured

You don’t need to worry about keeping up to date with all the various regulations and standards.  That’s our job to provide you with best practice service.

6. Easy access to innovation

We have our ear constantly to the ground and are well placed to suggest alternative or new technology or processes to manage your Accounts Function even more cost effectively.

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